Sports Management & Administration Degree Programs in Georgia


Earning a degree in sports management could be your winning formula if you want to turn your passion for sports into an exciting career. You’ll be prepared for the sports industry’s planning, organizing, budgeting, managing, and reporting, and you’ll be able to work as a coach, trainer, facility manager, sports marketing and business professional, or player agent. For quality career preparation, enroll in one of these excellent accredited sports management degree programs in Georgia.

What Will I Learn in A Sports Management Program or Sports Administration Program?

Degree Timelines

The time it takes to complete your sports management degree will be defined by the educational path you choose.

DegreeCredit RequirementsTypical Program Length
Associate Degree60-70 credits2 years
Bachelor’s Degree120 credits4 years
Master’s Degree50-70 credits1-3 years
DoctorateProgram-required coursework including thesis or dissertationAt least 4yrs

Curriculum and Example Courses

Most bachelor’s degree programs in sports management include foundational business courses as well as core subjects that are directly related to the sports industry.

Sports Law is an example of a sports management course that covers topics like negotiation techniques, sport marketing contracts, the financial importance of media rights, labor law and antitrust, and intellectual property issues. Coursework may focus on specific situations like NBA free agency negotiations and coach buyouts.

Another example is Sports Accounting and Finance, which teaches students how to create balance sheets and income statements, understand basic financial concepts and reporting requirements, raise and invest capital, and budget and forecast.

Difference Between Sports Management & Sports Administration

A degree in sports management is ideal for those who want to pursue business-related careers in sports. This program includes marketing, seeking sponsors, facility management, and public relations. As a graduate student in a sports administration program, on the other hand, your focus will be entirely on the athletes and the logistics of providing them with a positive working environment. College athletics directors, team managers, coaches, agents, and trainers would fall under this category, with responsibilities ranging from assisting athletes in improving their performance to determining individual budget lines.

What Are The Standard Entrance Requirements to Enroll?

Admissions requirements differ from school to school. Check with the admissions department at each school to learn about GPA requirements, prerequisite courses, and minimum standardized test scores, if any. Some programs may require you to submit a personal statement or respond to an essay prompt as part of your application.

Students applying for a graduate degree in sport management should have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Although an academic background in sport management or a related field is preferred, it is not required. Unlike a law or medicine program, sports management is a feasible option for those looking to change careers but who do not have extensive experience in the field.

School NameCityStateProgram LevelProgram NameProgram URL
Berry CollegeMount BerryGeorgiaBachelorsB.S. in Sport AdministrationClick Here
Covenant CollegeLookout MountainGeorgiaBachelorsBachelor's in Sport AdministrationClick Here
Georgia Southern UniversityStatesboroGeorgiaBachelorsOnline B.S. in Sports ManagementClick Here
Georgia Southern UniversityStatesboroGeorgiaBachelorsBS in Sports ManagementClick Here
Georgia State UniversityAtlantaGeorgiaBachelorsB.I.S. in Sport Administration (Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies)Click Here
Kennesaw State UniversityKennesawGeorgiaBachelorsB.S. in Sport ManagementClick Here
Middle Georgia State UniversityMaconGeorgiaBachelorsOnline B.S. in Sport ManagementClick Here
Middle Georgia State UniversityMaconGeorgiaBachelorsB.S. in Sport ManagementClick Here
Shorter UniversityRomeGeorgiaBachelorsOnline Associates in Sports ManagementClick Here
Toccoa Falls CollegeToccoa FallsGeorgiaBachelorsB.S. in Sport ManagementClick Here
University of GeorgiaAthensGeorgiaBachelorsB.S. in Sport ManagementClick Here
University of West GeorgiaCarrolltonGeorgiaBachelorsOnline Bachelor's in Sport ManagementClick Here
University of West GeorgiaCarrolltonGeorgiaBachelorsBachelor's in Sport ManagementClick Here
Georgia Southern UniversityStatesboroGeorgiaMastersOnline M.S. in Sports ManagementClick Here
Georgia State UniversityAtlantaGeorgiaMastersM.S. of Sport AdministrationClick Here
Georgia State UniversityAtlantaGeorgiaDoctoratePh.D. in Kinesiology in (Sport Administration)Click Here
University of GeorgiaAthensGeorgiaMastersM.S. in Sport Management & PolicyClick Here
University of GeorgiaAthensGeorgiaDoctoratePh.D. in Sport Management & PolicyClick Here
University of West GeorgiaCarrolltonGeorgiaMastersOnline M.S. in Sport ManagementClick Here
University of West GeorgiaCarrolltonGeorgiaMastersM.S. in Sport ManagementClick Here

Georgia Southern University

Sport Management Degree

Georgia Southern University’s Sport Management degree program provides students with a solid foundation in management, marketing, finance, law, policy development, and event management, as well as hands-on experience in athletic administration, revenue generation, and sport development. Sport management majors receive a broad general education that includes humanities and fine arts, science, mathematics and technology, social science, and essential skills, as well as six courses (18-hour) related to the major. All sport management majors must complete a 30-hour core (7 courses) and an 18-hour concentration (6 courses). Before graduation, all students must complete a full-time semester-long internship with a professional sports organization, such as the Atlanta Falcons, Florida Marlins, or Chicago Bulls.

Master of Science in Sport Management

The Master of Science in Sport Management program at Georgia Southern is delivered in an efficient online format and focuses on blending academic preparation with practical, hands-on experience to develop the skills students will need for success in the sport business and/or recreational leisure field. Students complete 36 credits in 24 months with flexible scheduling to advance their careers in sports management without interrupting them. Graduate students are prepared to lead professional sports teams, collegiate athletic departments, sports facilities, sport marketing firms, sports media, government sports commissions, and athletic leagues. Applicants must have an accredited bachelor’s degree, a strong academic record, and relevant professional experience.


University of West Georgia

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

Graduates of this program will be prepared to compete for entry-level managerial positions in intercollegiate athletics, professional sport organizations, governing bodies, golf course administration, health and fitness, and sport marketing firms among others. Recognizing that the sport industry is constantly changing, the program is committed to being aware of the dynamics that may affect the relevance of the instruction. In summary, the faculty is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and practice in the sport industry through the development and delivery of relevant educational programs, research, and collaboration with industry organizations. The B.S. with a major in Sport Management is divided into two parts: sport management and professional content. The sport management phase includes introductory courses as well as the University Core Curriculum. The professional content phase includes advanced coursework in the field of sport management.

Master of Science in Sport Management

The Master of Science in Sport Management program aims to (1) increase participant knowledge of sport administration, leadership, and finance management, (2) prepare students to address critical issues at the intersection of higher education administration and college athletics, and (3) assist students in developing data-driven decision-making skills. While the program prepares students to work in a variety of fields, it focuses on two emerging areas of the discipline: Intercollegiate Athletics Administration and Sport Analytics. The program consists of seven foundational courses that cover a wide range of topics important for sport program administration. Students will also choose four electives, with the option of taking the courses in a concentration or combining electives from different concentrations. The Intercollegiate Athletic Administration concentration focuses on sport administration in a higher education context. The Sport Analytics concentration trains students to use data science to solve problems that sport organizations face. A comprehensive exam and a three-credit experiential learning course will cap off the academic experience.


Georgia State University

Sport Administration, B.I.S.

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies concentration in Sport Administration prepares students for managerial positions in the sport industry by providing them with a broad knowledge of the business of sport. Students can gain knowledge and skills for careers in the sport industry by taking courses at Georgia State University in sport administration, hospitality administration, journalism and public relations, and creative media industries, which are offered through various departments and academic disciplines. This program will require at least 120 semester hours to complete.

Master of Science in Sport Administration

Graduates of this program work in a variety of sport industry segments, such as professional sport, collegiate sport, event management, public relations, marketing agencies, non-profits, and international sport organizations. The 36-credit program includes courses in sport marketing, sport law, marketing research, facility management, sport communication, budgeting, sport media, and recreation management.


Kennessaw State University

B.S. in Sport Management

The Sport Management degree at Kennesaw State University in Georgia is designed with an interdisciplinary approach to sport and recreation management. It is a 120-credit-hour program in which students can tailor their coursework to their career goals by selecting from a variety of Sport Management electives. A 12-credit hour internship must be completed during the graduating semester.


Middle Georgia State University

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

Individuals who complete the Sport Management program are prepared to apply management principles to the organization, administration, or management of athletic programs and teams, sport recreation services, and other related services. This degree can be obtained through both online and in-person classes. An internship is available, which allows students to apply their classroom skills and knowledge to the field of practice.


Career & Salary Opportunities in Sports Management & Administration in Georgia

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts increased opportunity in the sports field, with demand for coaches and scouts expected to rise 11% between 2018 and 2028. Advertising and marketing jobs, which are frequently associated with sports management, are also expected to grow at a faster-than-average rate in the coming years.

Georgia is home to professional teams from all major sports, including the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Flames, and Atlanta Silverbacks, making it easier for sports management graduates to find employment. Furthermore, if you believe in making work enjoyable, visit the viral Savannah Bananas’ careers page. Whether you want a full-time job or an internship, you’ll find that their open positions are surely a-peel-ing.

Finally, if you’re a people person who enjoys sports and wants others to recognize its importance, you could work for Triple Play Foundations Inc or Alta Athletes Learning to Achieve. Sports are used by these non-profit organizations to promote education, health, and community service to children and youth.